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01664 668599


01664 668599

GenHeat Automotive Preheater

GENHEAT supplies preheating
systems from all the leading brands


Cars, trucks, buses, on-highway vehicles

We can supply multiple pre-heaters that warm up your engines to avoid cold starts. This ensures easier and faster engine starts, which reduces engine wear. Warm engines consume less fuel and thus emit less harmful substances. We also supply cab heaters to keep you comfortable and your windows free of ice and condensation when driving. Our battery heaters ensure your batteries are at the optimum

temperature to maintain both cranking power and recharge time. With a battery charger you make sure your battery is always fully charged, which is especially needed when you have onboard equipment that

uses lots of electrical power, or for short drives with frequent stops.

PowerHeat Preheater
PowerHeat Preheater
Calix PH
Zerostart Preheater
Calix Block Heater
Calix Cab Heater
Phillips and Temro Battery Heater
Calix Battery Charger
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